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Mail merge embedding in LibreOffice Writer FOSDEM talk

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Yesterday I gave a Mail merge embedding in LibreOffice Writer talk at FOSDEM 2016, in the Open document editors developer room. The room was well-crowded — seems this year LibreOffice Online was a hot topic. ;-)

We also had a hackfest with about 20 hackers attending, (again) kindly hosted by Betacowork on Thursday and Friday, before FOSDEM.

There were a few topics I hacked on:

  • .uno:Paste AnchorType param for Writer

  • tdf#97371 DOCX import regression fix about TextBoxes

  • tdf#96175 RTF export feature about company doc property

  • refactoring around Writer’s new (in 5.1) hide-whitespace feature, as requested by Ashod

  • code coverage: RtfExport::WriteRevTab() was completely untested previously, now fixed

A full list of achievements is available, if you were at the hackfest and you did not contribute to that section, please write a line about what did you hack on. :-)

Quite some other slides are now available on Planet, don’t miss them.

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