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LibreOffice 3.4 Packaging

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The next major LibreOffice version, 3.4, means some work for (Linux distribution, and other) packagers, as the build repo is now deprecated and packagers are suggested to use the bootstrap repo directly, which is a different build system.

On one hand, this is a nice cleanup - there is now a single configure script. OTOH this needs major rework of distro build scripts.

The interesting part here is that the official binary installers are not using the make DESTDIR=/some/path install method to install the compiled binaries, so it was discovered quite late that it wasn’t working properly. First Hanno and Petr worked on this, then I fixed a minor, but blocking glitch.

As a result 3.4 beta4 will be something packagers (even the ones not using the split build) can offer to distro users for testing without patching. Binaries for Frugalware users here (i686-only at the moment).

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