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LibreOffice now bundles the latest libxmlsec version

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I wrote about how LibreOffice uses the XMLSec Library in an earlier post from March. There are two long-term goals regarding xmlsec in LibreOffice:

  • bundle the latest xmlsec version, instead the one from 2009

  • upstream enough of the patches, so building & running against xmlsec as provided by a Linux distro also works

I’m happy to say that the first goal is now reached:

  • libreoffice-5-1 bundled xmlsec 1.2.14 from 2009

  • libreoffice-5-2 bundles xmlsec 1.2.20 from 2014

  • master bundles the latest xmlsec 1.2.22, released earlier this year :-)

This is good, as this way it’s easier to integrate xmlsec upstream improvements into LibreOffice in the future.

Regarding the other goal, shrinking the patch list is still to be done. ;-)

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