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LibreOffice Hackfest in Munich, 2012

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During the weekend I was in Munich to visit our second LibreOffice hackfest this year. The archivements are detailed here. Here are a few interestings details I learned during this event:

  • Laszlo explained on the train to Munich that single line spacing is 15% of the font size, by definition. That finally explains why it is that the height of a 12pt single-line paragraph in Writer is not 240 but 276 twips.

  • Finally Michael motivated (and also helped!) me to improve the copy&paste in the new RTF filter, so it seems that removing the old filter completely is near.

  • The ability to sign each other’s gpg key was a great idea. I didn’t know too much about this topic, so I read up on this here. (Additionally, the gpg-key2ps command from signing-party — yes, there is such a package! —  is useful.)

  • We set up a nice icecream farm from the laptops, one more aspect that boosted our productivity.

Speaking about icecream — there were two reasons why I didn’t really use it:

  • it required re-configuring your build tree (--enable-icecream)

  • it required shutting down your firewall

It turns out none of this is really needed, so let me share the way to avoid these problems:

  • look into the wiki, you only need to open a few ports, even broadcasting/auto-discovery works with a started firewall

  • use CCACHE_PREFIX="icecc" make build-nocheck PARALLELISM=30 to enable icecream for a single make run

Additionally, if you run openSUSE 12.2, by default the daemon reports that the box can’t compile x86_64 binaries (probably it hasn’t been updated to deal with the 3.0 kernel or something), a quick workaround is to install Lubos' updated package:

zypper -p in icecream-0.9.7-64.1s.x86_64

Thanks for the organizers, once again this hackfest turned out to be really useful! :)

As usual, some pictures are available.

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