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LibreOffice Hamburg Hackfest 2013

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This year, LibreOffice’s Hamburg hackfest happened last weekend, with more than 20 attendees. Thanks to the sponsors, we had free drink and food during the whole hackfest. ;-)

My original plan was to add support for tables inside text frames in Writer, when importing from RTF. At the end I managed to do that, though not the way I originally wanted to implement that feature. :-)

Here is how this looked with the RTF importer we inherited from (LO 3.4), and then with the new RTF import filter (LO 3.6):

Here is how this looks like in latest master, and how it should look like:

Other than that, there were a few other topics I hacked on:

  • various additional fixes for fdo#58819, so watermark is exported (with correct size, position, rotation, opacity, etc.), and reasonably imported

  • the last character of the git hash is no longer missing from the about dialog (commit)

  • number of leaking files when running the writer filter tests is now down to 2 from 527 (commit)

  • RTF import of text frame’s AutoSize property (commit)

  • File → Properties → Security → Record Changes is now imported and exported in the RTF filter (commit)

  • finally added UI for fine dashing — so not only existing documents are rendered correctly, but you can create such documents as well (commit)

You can see some photos here.

Last, but not at least, thank you Eike and Bjoern for organizing this event! :-)

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