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LibreOffice OOXML improvements in Writer

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It’s possible you noticed that in each LibreOffice release notes, we have a line saying something like "improved DOCX support", but is rarely explained in detail. I’m posting here a few screenshots to correct this. The first series is a list of import fixes which are already available in our shipping 3.6 release. In each case I provide a test document, and a screenshot how it looked like with LibreOffice 3.3 and how it looks like with LibreOffice 3.6 today. Click on the images to get a larger image:

  • document with a checked checkbox (test doc):

  • document with contextual spacing enabled for the numbering (test doc):

  • document with a field that has a custom font size (test doc):

  • document with a SmartArt inside (test doc):

  • document with lots of VML shapes (test doc):

  • document produced by Microsoft Office 2010 (test doc, thanks Fridrich!):

Now let’s also have a look at some OOXML features which will be imported correctly in our upcoming 4.0 release:

  • document with commented text ranges (test doc):

  • document with a floating table (test doc):

  • document with ink annotations (test doc, thanks Eilidh!):

  • document with an OLE object inside a rectangle (test doc):

  • document with an inline image with custom margins (test doc):

If you want to try these out yourself, get a daily build and play with it! :) If something goes wrong, report it to us in the Bugzilla, so we can try fix it before 4.0 is released. And remember, there are lots more improvements coming in LibreOffice 4.0, stay tuned!

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