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LibreOffice RTF import Drawing Objects improvements

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It all started with this bugreport about a year ago. RTF has two different markups to describe shapes. The old one (used till Word 6.0) is called Drawing Objects, the new one talks about Shapes. The first picture shows the "support" for this syntax in LibreOffice 3.4, and the situation did not change with my RTF import rework, as I wasn’t aware of any document still using this old syntax. So when I got this bugreport, I knew it’ll take some time to produce the correct layout, but now during the LibreOffice conference I spent quite some time on this, and at the end even the Hebrew text is imported correctly. ;-)

Thanks to Lior who politely nagged me from time to time, this is now available on master (see the second picture), which will become LibreOffice 4.0.

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