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LibreOffice Writer can now attach comments to text ranges

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More than 10 years ago, a bug was opened in the bugzilla to support this feature. Later this got imported to LibreOffice’s bugtracker. Now that LibreOffice 3.6 is out, time to talk more about what features will show up in 3.7, and this will be one of them:

Now that it’s there, let’s have a look at the details:

  • ODF 1.2 already supports commenting text ranges, but LibreOffice support was missing.

  • Word already supported it as well, and now LibreOffice RTF/DOCX import/export filters are updated to take care of the new feature.

  • If I was already messing with comments, I also implemented roundtrip of comment author initials to ODF (see proposal), so now if you open a DOCX/RTF file in LibreOffice, save it as ODF, and later save it back to DOCX/RTF, this information won’t be lost.

Finally, one known limitation is that the text range currently can’t include multiple paragraphs — something to improve later if necessary.

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