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Zero RTF Regressions?

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I think the first attempt to track LibreOffice RTF Writer regressions (bugs not presenting in some earlier versions) was in this mail. That started with 14 bugs, and of course while I fixed a few, new ones were added as well. I guess this is mostly due to testing work, since new fixes are usually covered by unit tests, so re-introducing the same problems nowadays is a bit more work.

I remember I was down to one regression a few months ago, but we still had performance problems, which got solved a few weeks ago, so I had the idea that I want to go down to zero during the holidays. It seems today I finally managed to do so — bugs tagged as rtf_filter and regression are gone, thanks everyone who helped! :-)

For the reference here are the queries: RTF regressions, fixed RTF regressions, Writer regressions.

Now that the list is empty, feel free to tag more bugs as rtf_filter from the long Writer list when needed.

Update: the list is now empty again, as of 2014-11-24, for the 4.4 release. ;-)

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