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LibreOffice Conference 2013, Milan

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This year’s LibreOffice conference was held in Milan, Italy. Links to my slides:

Why so many talks? I couldn’t decide what topic to pick up (git or Writer filters), so I did both, the rest — those weren’t sessions where I spoke for 30+ minutes, so those don’t really count. :-)

Regarding the number of attendees, draw your own conclusions from the group picture, made on 26th — probably more than 100 attendees, counting all days.

Thanks for the organizers for this beautiful event — and also the sponsors, including Google (free food/beer during one hackathon) and CloudOn (fee free/beer during the other hackathon + tablets for the best commits)!

My pictures are available here.

For Hungarian readers, Gábor Kelemen (maintainer of the LibreOffice Hungarian translation) also provided blog posts for the first and second day, also had a related article.

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