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LibreOffice Conference 2014, Bern

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This year’s LibreOffice conference was held in Bern, Switzerland. Links to my slides:

During the sessions I also had some time to hack on the followings:

  • RTF export: added support for custom wrap polygon of Writer pictures

  • fixed fdo#82067 FILEOPEN: RTF images not in correct position

  • fixed fdo#82078 FILEOPEN: RTF bold text spilling over to non-bold text

  • fixed abi#10039 crasher on RTF export of page-anchored pictures

Regarding the number of attendees, draw your own conclusions from the group picture — probably around 300 attendees, counting all days.

Thanks for the organizers for this beautiful event — and also the sponsors! :-)

My pictures are available here (and I also made a panorama).

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