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mai quote: 00:49 < ignotus>

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mai quote:
00:49 < ignotus> > yesterday i (re)installed latest debian sarge on my home PC > what was my surprise when i noticed that
                 in the _default_ install, selecting [desktop] in tasksel, xemacs 21.4.17 was installed instead of fsf's
                 emacs!  > anyone knows what was debian's reasoning behind that move?
00:49 < ignotus> valasz:
00:49 < ignotus> My guess would be that Debian wants to give the users the best
00:49 < ignotus> imaginable user experience.  Switching the default locale charset to
00:49 < ignotus> utf-8 in combination with XEmacs-21.4.17 is the best way to ensure
00:49 < ignotus> that people will use OpenOffice and be spared the whole
00:49 < ignotus> Escape-Meta-Alt-Control-Shift experience.
00:49 < ignotus> lohol
00:54 < whitehawk> hm énis utf-8at használok
00:54 < whitehawk> gyak szép lassan mindenki áttér arra
00:58 < vmiklos> 'once utf8
00:58 Once utf8, ALWAYS UTF8! (vmiklos)
00:58 < ignotus> hehe ez igaz

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