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- nezzuk mivolt hetvegen: szombaton

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- nezzuk mivolt hetvegen: szombaton lementem ambrohoz, aztan csaladi hepaj, vasarnap csalad masik felenel program (ez rovidebb volt)
- tegnap megneztem ezt a hitleres filmet. allati jo. tudom mindenkinek ajanlani
- a linux times cikken jot rotflkodtam
- idezetem: "The only things that you can't install are any sort of kernel update, or window manager. This is because Gnome is tied into the kernel, and it's not possible to upgrade anything. This is also the reason why it is so fast."
- nezzuk, milyen ember lehet, aki kepes ilyet leirni? Aditya Nag is currently studying _law_ in order to better understand the GPL, and has been a Linux user since 1997.
- haat, tovabbi jo tanulast aditya ;)

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