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openSUSE Conference 2010

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So I have been invited to this year's openSUSE conference in Nurnberg to give a short presentation about my GSoC work (the RTF export rewrite in LibreOffice).

As I expected, the really interesting part was to meet people I never had the ability to meet in person previously - and of course to learn other new stuff. :)

So some of the items I really liked:

  • We actually did some hacking, see here (thanks Cedric for pointing out the issue for me).
  • I learned about trigraphs - thanks Fridrich!
  • I now heard about flat ODF from Muthusuba.
  • Nice jokes by Tor about old UNIX systems where the default installation added a login for Kernighan and Ritchie by default. :)
  • Met great people from the LibreOffice team (Kohei, Noel, Muthu, Cedric, Tor, Fridrich, Petr, Lubos), and outside: Stephan Kulow (coolo, the ex-kde-master) and others.

To sum up: thank you for the invitation, I enjoyed it! :)

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