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LibreOffice Perugia HackFest 2017

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(via ogervasi)

Last weekend I attended the LibreOffice Perugia HackFest 2017, with the primary goal of mentoring students (together with Eike and Christian): provided they manage to contribute at least one non-trivial easy hack, they get university credits for their work.

I worked with Arianna, Claudio, Francesco and Gian, all of them managed to achieve something by the end of the third day.

When I was not helping others, I also fixed a few bugs:

  • tdf#107976 sw: let a view handle multiple transferables

  • tdf#107837 DOCX export: fix balanced multi-col section at doc end

  • tdf#107684 DOCX export: fix duplicated <w:outlineLvl> element for styles

  • tdf#106950 sw: support CharShadingValue property on paragraph styles

Some photos I took during the event are available.

Thanks the organizers for the great event, also kudos to Collabora, Red Hat and TDF for allowing mentors to come! :-)

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