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Protocols Plugfest Europe 2015

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(via plugfestcon)

Last week I went to Zaragoza to give a talk on how LibreOffice handles interoperability at Protocols Plugfest Europe 2015 on Tuesday. Although I was told this conference is a successor of the previous Zentyal Summit (and I were not there) the conference seemed well-attended — proof above. :-)

Jacobo also gave a LibreOffice-related talk on Wednesday.

On the same day, there were some explicit spare time, so I took the opportunity to walk in the historical parts of the city, see my photos and a panorama if that kind of pictures are of your interest. FWIW, Hotel Sauce has free wifi in the rooms, that’s kind of impressing for a two-star category. ;-)

As usual, thanks Collabora for sponsoring this travel!

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