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- régen postoltam már FrugalWare

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- régen postoltam már FrugalWare ChangeLogot:
"Fri Jul 9 13:48:23 CEST 2004, by VMiklos
- base/util-linux: added rc.console
- base/net-tools : added rc.hostname, net-tools-1.60-gcc34.diff, net-tools-1.60-i18n.diff
- base/pcmcia-cs: added sysvinit support
- lib/atk: new package (A library of accessability functions used by GNOME)
- lib/pango: new package (A library for layout and rendering of text)
- lib/gtk+2: new package (The GTK+ Toolkit (2.x series))
- gnome/libidl: new package (A library for creating trees of CORBA IDL files)
- network/mozilla: new package (The Mozilla Web Browser)

Wed Jul 7 12:02:01 CEST 2004, by VMiklos
- locale/kde-i18n-{zh_TW,zh_CN,uz,uk,tr,tg,ta,sv,sr\@Latn,sr,sl,sk,ru,ro, \
pt_BR,pt,pl,nn,nl,nds,nb,ms,mn,lt,ja,it,is,hu,hsb,hr,hi,he,gl,fr,fi,fa, \
eu,et,es,en_GB,el,de,da,cs,cy,ca,bs,bn,bg,az,ar}: new packages
($i Localization for KDE.) - 51 (!) packages

Wed Jul 7 11:28:00 CEST 2004, by VMiklos
- base/e2fsprogs: added rc.random
- devel/j2sdk: new package (Sun's java development kit)
- kde/kdebindings: new package (KDE Bindings)
- locale/aspell-{af,be,bg,br,ca,cs,cy,da,de,el,en,eo,es,fo,fr,ga,gd,gl,gv,hr, \
ia}: new packages (GNU Aspell $i Word List Package) - 21 (!) packages
- lib/pilot-link: new package (A suite of tools for connecting to PalmOS handheld devices)
- lib/gnokii: new package (Tools and user space driver for use with mobile phones)
- kde/kdepim: new package (KDE PIM Utilities)
- kde/kdeaccessibility: new package (KDE accessibility programs)

Tue Jul 6 11:58:21 CEST 2004, by VMiklos
- base/udev: rebuilt with rc.udev 0.9 (fixed a bug)
- lib/device-mapper: new package (Device mapper ioctl library)
- apps/lvm2: new package (Logical Volume Manager 2 utilities)
- lib/libexif: new package (Exchangeable Image File Format tag library)
- lib/libgphoto2: new package (A portable library to gives access to many digital cameras)
- base/module-init-tools: rebuilt with sysvinit support
- base/util-linux: rebuilt with sysvinit support
- kde/kdegraphics: new package (KDE Graphics Programs)
- kde/kdesdk: new package (KDE Software Development Kit)
- kde/kdevelop: new package (The KDevelop integrated C/C++ application development environment)
- lib/libmikmod: new package (A module sound player and library)
- multimedia/xmms: new package (The X MultiMedia System)
- base/smartmontools: updated to 5.32
- devel/perl-dbi: updated to 1.43
- multimedia/sane-backends: updated to 1.0.14
- base/pacman: updated to 2.8
- base/sed: updated to 4.1.1
- kde/kdeaddons: new package (Additional plugins and scripts for some KDE applications)
- lib/libxslt: updated to 1.1.8
- lib/libxml2: updated to 2.6.11
- base/kernel: rebuilt with gcc 3.4.1
- kde/quanta: new package (A web development tool for the K Desktop Environment)
- kde/koffice: new package (An integrated Office suite for KDE)
- apps/j2re: new package (Sun's java runtime environment)

Sun Jul 4 14:10:08 CEST 2004, by VMiklos
- base/espgs: new package (A customized version of GNU Ghostscript)
- xapps/xpdf: new package (PDF viewer for X)
- lib/imlib: new package
(A display depth-independent image loading and rendering library)
- base/gcc: updated to 3.4.1
- base/udev: updated to 029
- multimedia/codecs: updated to 20040704
- base/frugalware: rebuilt with sysvinit support
- base/tcsh: now creates symlink for csh
- lib/glut: new package (Provides functionality for small OpenGL programs)
- lib/libieee1284: new package
(A library for applications communicates with pralallel port devices)
- lib/libusb: new package
(A library which allows userspace application access to USB devices)
- multimedia/sane-backends: new package (Scanner Access Now Easy)
- base/e2fsprogs: rebuilt with sysvinit support"

- huh, kicsit hosszú :D

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