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Scooter @ BME Fesztival

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Az intro ilyesmi volt, aztan a kovetkezo szamokat hallottuk:

  1. Call Me Mañana

  2. Jumping All Over The World

  3. The Question Is What Is The Question

  4. I’m Raving

  5. J’adore Hardcore

  6. Weekend

  7. How Much Is The Fish?

  8. Nessaja

  9. And No Matches

  10. Jump That Rock (Whatever You Want)

  11. No Fate

  12. Jigga Jigga

  13. Maria (I Like It Loud) — ez utan volt egy kis szunet

  14. Ramp! (The Logical Song)

  15. One (Always Hardcore)

  16. Hyper Hyper — ebbol a Shake That maxijan levo re-editet jatszottak

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