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Continuous endnotes in Writer

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Writer now has a new "continuous endnotes" compatibility setting in its layout, allowing rendering endnotes in a way which is closer to what Word users expect.

First, thanks TU Dresden who made this work by Collabora possible.

Here is how it looks:
Figure 1. Writer, new ContinuousEndnodes layout flag enabled
Figure 2. Reference rendering
Figure 3. Writer, old separate endnote page layout

What you can see is that endnotes unconditionally start after the end of the document content in Word, while endnotes are unconditionally on separate endnote pages in Writer. The new ContinuousEndnotes layout compatibility flag in Writer allows rendering endnotes the Word way.

This new flag is enabled by default for DOC files, disabled otherwise.

All this is available in LibreOffice master (towards 6.4), so you can try it out right now, if interested.

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