osm-gimmisn is a web-based tool to find objects missing from the OpenStreetMap database. As a start, it finds missing streets and house numbers based on a reference list.

The latest version is v24.2, released on 2024-02-01. See the release notes.

It works by fetching the street and house number list for a relation (area), then suggesting what possibly missing objects are a good idea to survey.

You can see this in action at public instances:,


Check out the project's website for a list of features and installation and usage information.


osm-gimmisn has been used on Linux, but the data validator is known to work Windows as well.

The important bits of the code

  • The entry point is the application() function in src/

  • The test code lives under src/*/

  • The documentation is under guide/.


Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file. See the license bundle for details.