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Cleanup of resourcemodel in LibreOffice

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(via jbparrott)

The libreoffice-5-0 branch is created, and in each release cycle there is at least one topic that was a long overdue cleanup. In this post, I’m describing how and why the writerfilter/inc/resourcemodel/ and writerfilter/source/resourcemodel/ directories disappeared — though probably nobody will miss them. :-)

The resourcemodel building block of writerfilter (that handles Writer’s DOCX and RTF import in LibreOffice) was basically a bucket of old and unused stuff. After the removal of the unused .DOC tokenizer, it turned out that most of that code was just referring to itself or template code that was used with a single type only (hello TableManager). resourcemodel was about 6000 lines of code at the time LibreOffice was started, and after some manual cleanup and moving the still needed small part to dmapper (the shared part of the RTF / DOCX import), tools like loplugin:unreffun and callcatcher helped to detect what became truly unused — at the end resulting in the complete removal of these directories.

That means that after folding the last remaining header into dmapper, the relevant documentation can hopefully now describe source contents easier, having just 4 directories: the RTF and the DOCX tokenizer, the shared part and the UNO service implementations. One less cryptic leftover nobody really knows what it is! ;-)

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