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I've been testing anyremote during the last week. I'm aware that there is kanyremote and ganyremote available, but I wasn't really interested in those, since they would hide the glory details. :)

So I decided to give the server mode mode a try and I choosed okular as a test application. My commandline is:

anyremote -s bluetooth:19 -f /usr/share/anyremote/cfg-data/Server-mode/okular.cfg

Once I started the server on my notebook I could choose it in the midlet on my phone in the j2me client and it worked as expected.

Scripts used in the Python 2.7 rebuild

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First, I could almost reuse the same set of scripts as described here. The only change I needed to do is that aborting the build loop after each fail is a waste of time, so now I did:

for i in $(cat ~/test.list)
        echo $i
        cd ~/git/python27/source/*/$i || continue
        sudo makepkg -t python27,current -C
        git clean -x -d -f
        git checkout -f
        sed -i 's|python>=2.6|python>=2.7|g' FrugalBuild
        if bumppkg -t python27,current --rebuild "- rebuilt with python-2.7"; then
                repoman -t python27 -k push
                echo $i >> ~/failed.list

Then investigated the failed builds manually.

Oh, and obviously I no longer had to build the x86_64/ppc fpms manually, I just enabled syncpkgd for the python27 WIP repo.

Next RTF fix: tables at the start of a document

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This was almost two days ago, but... So I got the next problem report from OS, where he attached a sample document which had a table at the beginning. The document text was exported but no the table structure. (So if you had at least one line of text before the table, the bug was not there, that's how I did not notice it.) The one-liner fix is now in the CWS and it's backported to ooo-build master as usual.

Four RtfFilter fixes

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During the week I got some feedback from Oliver Specht on my GSoC work. I decided to dedicate a whole day to address those issues (these were all regressions compared to the old RTF exporter). Here are the results:

  • Numbering indentations were problematic, this is now fixed.
  • Outline numbering was missing, fixed as well.
  • Explicit character style support was missing, I now implemented it.
  • Finally (which was the most time-consuming), text frames were now exported, this is now implemented, too.

One remaining question is that he mentioned something is problematic with the table of contents export, but I could not reproduce the bug so far.

Globalsat BT-338X GPS

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Yesterday I bought a cheap GPS data logger / receiver, and given that the attached install CD did not support Linux, I'm collecting some hopefully useful links here.

Putting everything together, to get the log from the device using bluetooth I first had to create an rfcomm interface, as gpsbabel does not support bluetooth natively:

# rfcomm bind 0 00:0D:B5:38:BA:C6

Then to download and erase the log from the device:

$ gpsbabel -i dg-100,erase=1 -f /dev/rfcomm0 -o gpx \
        -F $(date +%Y-%m-%d).gpx

The gpx format is fine in case you want to later reuse log with digikam's gpssync plugin (available from kipi-plugins).

Now in case you want to convert it to kml to show on Google Maps:

$ gpsbabel -i gpx -f $(date +%Y-%m-%d).gpx -o kml -F $(date +%Y-%m-%d).kml

Finally release the rfcomm interface in case you don't need it anymore:

# rfcomm release 0

Update: there is also a gui which can be used to enable logging of altitude info, etc - just trivial patching is needed and it works with BT-338X as well.

Upgrading to Haven

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I just upgraded my box at work to Haven, here is a short post to mention two links:

  • ATM you need to manually upgrade nvidia-173xx if you have it installed (after -Syu) due to lack of xorg-server-1.8 support.
  • I needed this xorg config tweak to get my up arrow working again.

Other than that, I removed my xorg.conf and instead I put this to the xorg.conf.d dir. I also added "nouveau.modeset=0" to /boot/grub/menu.lst.

What else.. ah yes, I needed to change the keyboard model to evdev in the KDE System Settings.

Other than that, it went fine. :)

Update: the nvidia-173xx part is now fixed in both current and stable. 3.3 early snapshots

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In case you got bored and you want to try something blending edge, have a look at my ooo33 repo.

It contains an early snapshot of 3.3 (+ ooo-build patches, of course), including this work.

googlecl and geeqie

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I recently tested two new Frugalware packages.

googlecl is a commandline utility, I wanted to try it out as it has browser-based authentication, which is supposed to be compatible with Google Apps, while the API-based method used by picu is not. To make it short, in case you are in a directory containing photos for an album and you just want to upload all of them to an album named after the directory name, you need:

google picasa create --title $(basename $(pwd)) *.jpg

The other package I recently tested is geeqie, it's a replacement (see history here) for gqview I usually use to watch a lot of photos in a directory. And yes, they seem not to break any of the nice feature of the old gqview project, good work! ;)

Update: there is a patch to add sync support, it's usage:

google picasa post --title $(basename $(pwd)) --sync *.jpg

chkdep improvements

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Yesterday I finally had a look at how chkdep removes duplicated dependencies. The whole idea behind the removal is that in case ldd says a package depends on libfoo and libbar + we know from pacman that libfoo already depends on libbar, then there is no point adding libbar to depends in most cases.

The old code did the followings: it searched the depends of the packages found by ldd and in case a depend was found in the depend list of an other depend then it removed the depend from the list. The problem with this is that in case foo depends on bar depends baz and ldd finds foo and baz only, then baz won't be removed.

The new code does the same but depends are detected recursively to avoid the problem mentioned above.

As a result, makepkg -a output should be less noisy. ;)

GSoC 2010

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On Mon, Apr 26, 2010 at 06:46:38PM +0000, wrote: > Dear Miklos, > > > Congratulations! Your proposal "Improve RTF Export" as submitted to "Go > OpenOffice" has been accepted for Google Summer of Code 2010. Over the next > few days, we will add you to the private Google Summer of Code Student > Discussion List. Over the next few weeks, we will send instructions to this > list regarding turn in proof of enrollment, tax forms, etc. > > Now that you've been accepted, please take the opportunity to speak with > your mentors about plans for the Community Bonding Period: what > documentation should you be reading, what version control system will you > need to set up, etc., before start of coding begins on May 24th. > > Welcome to Google Summer of Code 2010! We look forward to having you with > us. > > > With best regards, > The Google Summer of Code Program Administration Team

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